Coworking Space for Startups in Pune | Important Questions

Want a suitable Office Space in Pune and have Questions. All the answers for your questions about Coworking Spaces

What is Coworking?

Coworking space is a shared flexible workspace, which involves individuals working independently or collaboratively in a common office space. They are designed to be as a community space with collaborative approach to be productive as the people using them.

Coworking, post COVID19, how safe?

Coming out of your home and going to the workspace can be a bit worrisome especially after Corona virus epidemic. But considering all the factors, we have devised a plan that comprises of all the prudent measures to make our coworking workspace safe and secure. You may check more details here at VCN coworking space safety.

Is Coworking a better alternative than the traditional office?
Yes, definitely, it saves the hassles of running a physical space. You pay a nominal amount and can focus on your work as all the other things are completely taken care of and you’re working from a well furnished and fully equipped office space. Also a great option for remote & freelance workers, who often don’t get the chance to work outside of their homes. It is also a very good opportunity to network & share ideas with other people.
When can I move in?
VCN Coworking spaces are ready to move in and are fully furnished with a touch of elegance & professionalism. You can start working at the earliest or whenever you feel like. Foster the growth of your business with our ready to possess professional workspaces in Pune at Baner, Balewadi and Dhole Patil Road.
Are there any hidden charges?
At VCN no extra money will be charged from your pocket. You pay only for what you need. Detailed pricing of all your requirement will be discussed upfront.
Can I work at night?
VCN coworking spaces are open 9am to 9pm but we are flexible and as per the needs can make the necessary arrangements, because your security and comfort is our responsibility, so you can work whenever you want as per your requirements.
Is it true that we get all the amenities for free?
Yes, that’s true. In a traditional office, you have to pay for all the amenities for example office rent, snacks, tea or coffee, electricity, housekeeping, receptionist & internet. Whereas in our VCN coworking spaces, paying for a dedicated desk means paying for everything and no more hassles..
We have a team of more than 10 people, will we get good internet connection speed?
Yes, we have high speed internet connections dedicated to teams and also have back up connections incase any ISP is down. At VCN Coworking spaces, you will consistently get a good speed and with power backup there is also continuity incase of power failure. If you require dedicated IP addresses or any specific providers, talk to our support team & they will get it done for you.
Is it possible to access your coworking space through public transportation?

VCN Coworking spaces in Pune are situated at the prime locations such as Balewadi (Near Balewadi High Street), Baner (Main Baner Road and 500 mtrs distance from the Pune-Mumbai Expressway), & Dhole Patil Road (Its just 500 mtrs distance from the Pune railway station and 5 mts walk from the Bund garden Road) . All these places are transportation friendly and easily accessible via buses, local train or be it via your personal vehicle. You can reach VCN coworking spaces at Balewadi, Baner and Dhole Patil road conveniently in no time.

More Info about VCN Coworking Space

VCN Coworking Space was started 4 years back and perhaps amongst the first 10 coworking spaces of Pune. Basic values of VCN Coworking is, first of all, community and collaboration, but also openness, flexibility, sustainability and accessibility, that helps to do better, continue to grow and excel in work.