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VCN Coworking community staying safe amidst COVID19

As all the working enthusiasts are preparing to come back to work in their respective corporate office/ coworking space by leaving the comfort zone of their homes. Nothing has been more exciting for us than to welcome our coworking family back to our workspace. We...

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Post COVID19 precautions – Are you going back to work?

After being stuck at home for more than 3-4 months, going back to the office isn't much of a burden for most of the professionals in India. Particularly with coronavirus pandemic still lurking in the bustling streets of almost all the major cities, it becomes...

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What makes coworking space successful.

Coworking space is a place that gives you a product same as a traditional office but its not a conventional office. The way coworking space functions are quite different from work from home or traditional offices. A favorable environment where you can work with...

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