As all the working enthusiasts are preparing to come back to work in their respective corporate office/ coworking space by leaving the comfort zone of their homes. Nothing has been more exciting for us than to welcome our coworking family back to our workspace.

We know that stepping out of your home & commuting daily to the workspace can be a bit risky especially when Corona virus is still lurking in India, especially Pune city, which ranks amongst top in covid positive cases. Considering all these factors we have devised a plan that comprises of all the prudent measures that we will be applying to our workspace to ensure your safety. 

It’s our assurance that you and your workforce will be safe and protected in our coworking premises. However, we can do nothing without your help. The only way to defeat COVID19 is if we all take an initiative of adhering to strict policies implied by the WHO. 

We’re sure by following all these safety drills we can all get back to our normal office routine. 


  • Temperature screening at the entrance

We have prepared and equipped all our workforce management team to identify any potential threats or symptoms of COVID19. They are trained specifically to initiate a proper temperature screening of all the coworkers at the entrance gate and also to keep a complete record of all the heat data for health monitoring purposes. Individuals who are found to have a body temperature of 100.4°F (38°C) or above are not allowed to enter the coworking premises and immediately sent home or are advised to consult a nearby doctor.


  • Regular sanitisation & disinfection of the workspace

When it comes to sanitisation and disinfection of the entire workspace, we ensure that not even a single spot is left neglected. Our support staff pays special attention to sensitive areas of frequent touchpoints such as doorknobs, elevator buttons, hand railings, lobby area, pantry, cafeterias etc. These areas are disinfected periodically every few hours to avoid any possible threats and also to ensure complete safety of all our coworkers.


  • Awareness campaigns 

At VCN Coworking space we frequently organise awareness campaigns to educate and train our coworking members and staff to strictly adhere to the safety norms. The main driving purpose of these campaigns is to promote healthy social practices such as the use of a handkerchief or tissue while coughing and sneezing, social distancing, avoid regular touching of eyes, mouth, nose etc.


  • Provision of extra benefits

We provide out of the box special amenities to all our young coworkers and working enthusiasts to make sure they are all safe and content. All our coworking spaces are well equipped with extra hand sanitizing faucets, surgical masks and tissues for external use. We also distribute free healthy snacks and vitamin beverages to maintain a healthy and positive atmosphere in our coworking ecosystem. 

In case any untoward or complicated situations occur in our spaces, we are fully able and ready to take necessary steps.  

Our VCN team is specially assigned to monitor and undertake all the necessary prudent steps to avoid any potential threat. To know more you can mail us on

Stay Safe & Stay Healthy.

Happy Coworking !!

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