The COVID-19 outbreak has brought the whole world to a standstill. The highly contagious nature & a critical incubation period of the virus has forced schools, colleges, malls, offices, coworking spaces & businesses to shut their doors. Many companies are implementing mandatory work from home policy to avoid a possible community spread of this virus.
This new work from home lifestyle has challenged employees to work as effectively as they use to work in an office. Some offices and coworking spaces are working with only 10 to 30 % capacity. In this situation, some of them are doing relatively well because of their past work from home history whereas others are not able to cope up with this new work style. Especially during all this hustle & bustle all around the world, it becomes difficult to stay motivated at all times in your home. While all this can be puzzling, affirming a strategy that works can help you make it through. Below we have compiled a list of useful ways through which you can work from home effectively.
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Choose a work area

Develop a dedicated work area in your home that will facilitate your mind to work, even if its a corner it will be great just make sure that its a place were you will be disturbed the least. Grab a chair & arrange a normal desk/table in that space to create an office-like feel as you often see in coworking spaces, how the ambience of comfort is created.
To make work-life better prefer thriving on a comfortable chair as it will help you stay on board for 7 to 8 hours easily. Whereas operating on a couch/bed will make you feel lazy & sleepy so try to avoid it as much as possible.

Plan your day before you start your work

Early in the morning as soon as you get up, grab a cup of coffee, take a note pad & jot down the list of tasks that you are going to perform for that day. Make a systematic time table so that you know when you’re supposed to end & start the  next assignment. Last but not least maintain good verbal communication with your coworkers & team
leaders so that you are always motivated & are up to date with all the latest news surrounding your company.

Follow your office work hours

Follow your day to day office work hours to ensure better working habits from home. Imagine that you are going to your office as usual & create a morning routine just like your workday.
Freshen up, grab a coffee and start your work. Similarly, at the end of the day finish your remaining tasks, send your daily status report, & pack your bag. By doing so you will be able to maintain a balance in your work life as well as your personal life.

Deal with distractions

Working in an office has a lot of perks as it helps you to be productive, creative & it also shields your mind from a lot of distractions. Whereas when you’re working from a new environment especially the one you’re very familiar with (Home) can be a big hindrance in your work life.
Take note of those things that distract you the most while working & spend some quality time to find measures through which you can mitigate those distractions.

Don’t forget to socialize

Ever since the arrival of coronavirus, it has brought a complete change in the way we use to socialize in our community. Earlier we had no restrictions in offices and coworking spaces, the concept of social distancing was a mere phenomenon but now it has become a necessity & going out of our house without any reason may bring us in deep trouble. Because of all these things, people are not socializing any more & they are isolating themselves in their room which is indirectly affecting their productivity.
One of the best ways to combat this is to go digital & socialize with your colleagues or coworkers on social media. Similarly, you can break the ice by discussing important office tasks with your teammates online & you can also conduct meetings with your clients on video conferencing apps such as zoom, skype, Google meet & etc.

Cheer up each other’s spirits

These are stressful times & watching the horrors of coronavirus pandemic on the news has certainly put a lot of people in a state of grief. It’s good to stay informed about all the latest headlines but thinking too much about it can actually affect your mental health.
That’s the reason why it’s so important to cheer up each others spirit with comforting & positive words. It will not only motivate you but will also make your bonds stronger with your teammates.

Take care of your physical & mental health

Going fully remote can actually restrict a lot of physical day to day activities such as commuting & walking to your office. Sitting in one place for about 8 to 10 hours may make you extremely lazy & you may even gain some unnecessary weight. So to avoid it take regular walks in your house, do some cardio & yoga as it will help you to feel fresh & will also prepare your spirit to drive in quality results for the next day.
Wrapping up:
We hope this article will help you to plan your work from home strategy and make you productive. Follow all the above tips & tricks to drive quality results in your work from home adventure.
VCN Coworking Space wishes you a good health..  Stay home & Stay safe.
Thank you !!

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