Baner, Shivajinagar – Places in Pune for your Company to Grow

Western Pune has been a favourite neighbourhood place for corporates to set up their offices. Propelled by the IT boom, Commonwealth Games, and the easy connectivity to Mumbai.

So what makes Baner and Shivajinagar Special?

Baner & Shivajinagar are two of the most preferred locations for professionals / corporate houses because of their proximity to Aundh and Hinjewadi.

Baner and Shivajinagar are also two of the least-polluted areas in Pune and have scenic greenery beauty everywhere. These areas are a perfect combination of opportunities for companies to grow and keep their employees in a healthy environment.

Here are some of the significant benefits of having a working space in Baner or Shivajinagar:

  • Better connectivity to the Mumbai-Pune Expressway.
  • Less polluted, and one can see much more greenery and scenic beauty in this side of town.
  • Not just proximal IT Hubs, but they are also connected to other suburbs in Pune.
  • Khadki, Dapodi & Shivajinagar Railway Stations are within an 8 km radius.
  • The airport is just 18 km away and can be reached via modern.
  • These areas have additionally gained massive popularity for their excellent infrastructure & public utilities.
  • The best educational institutes, healthcare facilities, showrooms, theatres & restaurants can be found here.

So, Baner and Shivajinagar are the best suitable place for your company? Check out all the best Co-working spaces available in Baner and Shivajinagar.

Still not sure whether Baner or Shivajinagar is a suitable place for your company, looking for other places? Connect with us now, we would love to be a part of your growth.

So why choose VCN?

VCN allows companies to find an optimal space for their operations. Be it a startup, who are looking for spaces at less cost but with A-class infrastructure and facilities or a corporate house that needs an entire building for its operation, VCN has a solution for all.

VCN not only provides a rented space but also builds a community of like-minded companies that helps them grow and prosper together.

What other benefits does VCN offer?

    • Scalability:

We understand the future needs of the companies. Organizations grow with time; employees are hired, and additional Space is required. Keeping in mind this need, VCN offers an office with a flexible design and scope for scalability.

    • Lease Terms:

Whether it is an office for young companies or a corporate workplace, the importance of having a carefully executed lease agreement cannot be stressed enough. VCN allows companies to decide on it’s lease agreement based on their needs and the stage of the companies. Because if it’s a startup, their requirements will likely change over a short span. An agreement with a long tenure, lock-in period, or notice period might not be ideal for them. A long-term commercial lease might be beneficial for mature brands as they are reasonably sure about their requirements. It gives them the stability to go ahead with their business plans without worrying about relocating to a new office anytime soon.

    • Collaborative space:

One of the most significant focuses of VCN is to allow co-working space for companies that promote collaboration. Collaboration is the key to the success and growth of both young and mature companies. Since establishment, corporate have tried to have stronger collaborative networks with evolving brands. Furthermore, corporate have structured events and avenues for networking and collaboration, both internal and external. Start-ups, on the other hand, benefit from an office space that promotes collaboration, such as shared offices. In addition to workstations and meeting rooms, co working spaces typically have common areas, lounges, kitchens, and breakout zone where members can socialize. Such a collaborative environment enables young companies to build their social capital and form fruitful partnerships.

VCN doesn’t stop here, ou office offers various other amenities like conference rooms, power backup, housekeeping, wifi and so on. To know more about what amenities VCN has to offer, you can visit our Shared Space Amenities page